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About Us

 Amish Wholesale Gazebos & More are prebuilt in Pennsylvania where the manufacture and his family have been making Gazebos, Pavillon, and Pergolas for years.  In the past they have depended on dealers to market their product as internet technology does not go with their lifestyle.  AWG are friends of this family and have assisted in the making of this website so customers can buy direct from the factory. They have a beautiful woodshop that is ran off of a generator.  All the power tools they use are battery operated or ran from the generator.  They drive buggies around town and forklifts in the country!  These builders are EXPERT forklift drivers as well as bobcats but still use horses for their farm work.  They have a telephone in the main office and a fax service that is linked to an email.  Because the Internet is not part of their lifestyle all emails arrive by fax.  They are very much into quality horse breeds, dogs and raising their children to be hard workers and good people in the community.  Their honesty, quality work, work ethic, humor and straight forwardness has made their business a very successful one.