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Oasis Pergola

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The Oasis is a timeless classic perfect for light shade near a pool or over a picnic table.  

The Oasis pergola is open and allows the gentle refreshing breezes to mix with your bbq scents as you relax in your backyard. 

Standard Features on a pine or cedar Oasis Pergola include:  Double 2 x 8 Header Beams /2x6 Runners Spaced 16 over center /2x4 Top Runners Spaced 16 over center /8x8 PVC or 7x7 Wood Columns /16 Post Skirt for Cedar or Pine /Mounting brackets 

Column options rough-cut cedar on Oasis Pergola include:  8x8 pine posts with square vinyl - sleeves /8x8 posts solid cedar 

Standard Features for rough cut cedar include: 4x10 Header Beams /3x8 Runners spaced 24 over center / 3x6 Top runner spaced 24 over center